President Trump Pushes For Bipartisan Gun Legislation

President Donald Trump is convening a bipartisan group of lawmakers to find ways of addressing gun violence. Trump says, “We have to do something about it.”

Trump tells the members of Congress that he’s going to “come up with some ideas” and he’s expressing hope that those ideas could be put in a “bipartisan bill.”

The president says he doesn’t want to wait several weeks and then have people forget. He says these “horrible mass shootings are nothing new,” pointing to past shootings such as Columbine, Fort Hood and Sandy Hook.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who is pushing a bill to improve background checks, says leaving Washington “empty-handed is not accepted.”

President Donald Trump says he wants Congress to put a number of gun safety measures into a Senate bill that would bolster background checks.

Trump is urging lawmakers to add their best ideas to a proposal pushed by Texas Sen. John Cornyn to improve background checks.

Trump is telling members of Congress that “you have a different president now,” pointing to the failure of past attempts to address gun violence during past administrations.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat, is urging the president to stand up to the gun lobby. He is telling the president that “it’s going to have to be you who brings the Republicans to the table on this.”

President Donald Trump is urging Republicans to set aside efforts to expand the concealed carrying of firearms in legislation pending in Congress.

He is telling lawmakers considering ways to respond to the deadly Florida school shooting, “You’ll never get it passed.”

Trump says the concealed carry provision is a “whole new ballgame” and should be in a separate bill.

The House approved the bill late last year as part of a broader package that also expanded gun rights by requiring states to recognize conceal-carry permits issued by other states.



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