Eric Trump admits “Brand is the hottest it have ever been”

So far, the scorecard for Donald Trump ’ s young presidency veers mostly in the negative. He called a mulligan on his travel-ban executive order after its first, hastily written iteration was halted by two federal courts; Mike Flynn resigned because he failed to disclose ties to Russia and two of Trump’s Cabinet secretaries have had to recuse themselves from various job functions because of their conflicting interests; he has been sued several times over his Trump Hotel property; the fate of his Obamacare replacement looks grim; and his approval ratings still hover in the 40s.

The opposite seems to be true for the Trump Organization. While Trump stepped down from the daily operations of his real-estate and licensing empire, leaving decisions to his two sons, Eric and Don Jr., the whole family appears to be benefitting from the patriarch’s new position. Since the election, the brothers have opened two hotels—one in Dubai and another in Vancouver. They plan to roll out a lower-tier chain of hotels in cities across the country and forged contacts while they crisscrossed the country to campaign for their father’s White House bid that they hope they can partner with in the future. They raised drink prices at the Trump Hotel in D.C. as crowds have grown to catch a glimpse of the new president and his inner circle (which is not rare, considering the president and his daughter popped by for dinner, Don Jr. and Eric frequently pose there for photos with patrons, and several of his Cabinet members stay there during their working weeks). Mar-a-Lago, their private Palm Beach resort, has been skillfully rebranded by the Trumps as the “Winter White House,” an unsubtle nod to the fact that while the club’s initiation fee just doubled, that money is at least buying access to a sitting president.

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